Running Sheet (Revised Troupe Sections!!) & Divided Troupe Sections. Music uploads open soon.

Our Running Sheet/Program for the Troupes Weekend (Sunday, 9th.) has had to be revised.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but our inexperience with conducting a Troupe Weekend led to some scheduling problems which resulted in necessary revisions.  We beg your understanding whilst we try to best support the needs of dance schools, age groups and our venue.

We start on 8/9 October with our first Troupes Weekend   As mentioned above, Troupes have been scheduled for the evening of Saturday, 8th. and all day Sunday, 9th. October.  To ease the pressure on change space, some of our larger Troupe sections have been divided.  A list of which Troupes are in which “half” of the divided sections is available via the link on the right.

‘Stardom’ Music Uploads!!    There will be no additional charge/fee for the uploading of your music files!    (Copy and paste this link into your browser for a Youtube demo on how to upload your music file/s into our Program through ‘Stardom’.) Competitors are asked to go into the ‘Stardom’ website using their usual log-in details and upload the music tracks needed for each section in which they will be participating.  These audio files will be downloaded by us in sectional groupings to be played at the venue.  Please bring a back-up copy of your music in some form to the venue – just in case.

Free entry for audience members!!  The registration fee of $10.00 per competitor for soloists and troupe members is being allocated to offset offering free admission to all sessions.  Duo/Trio entrants need not pay the registration fee as, in most cases, these competitors have already paid the registration as soloists or troupe members.

Electronic Payment at the Venue   Please note that all payments at the venue (Programs, Lanyards, Pens) will be EFTPOS.  No cash payments can be accepted.

Championship and Presentation Pictures

Thanks to “On Stage Media” – 9005-9111 or 0413 571 007.  Go to the “Gallery” for pics of our 2019 Presentations and 2019 Championship winners.

2019 Scholarship Winner:  Congratulations to Bethany Whittorn, from Joanne O’Kelly School of Dance, who won our $500.00 Scholarship section on the final night of our 2019 event.