2024 – Dates and a couple of things from our Plenary Meeting

Dates for 2024   The dates for next year in the front of the program were incorrect.  Our 40th. Anniversary event in 2024 commences with a Troupes Weekend on 12/13 October, then we continue with solos, duos/trios on 19/20, 26/27 October and 2/3 November.

From our Plenary Meeting   We had another successful year with our bank balance only slipping back about $1,000.00 from last year to this year.  Other things discussed/decided:

  • Another volunteer co-ordinator is required due to our current co-ordinator moving on to other things.  We sincerely thank Madeleine Longmuir for all her work in this regard in recent years.  It’s not an easy job accommodating those who are trying to find places on our roster. We really NEED volunteers or we cannot operate – but we don’t need them all at the same session.
  • In 2024 there will be ONE due date for music.  Garry setting different dates for each weekend (thinking this would help entrants) only added to his workload.  Garry will not be contacting those not uploading music.  It will be assumed the entrant is not presenting.  Those expecting to use “back-up” arrangements at the venue due to their own lack of organisation will be in danger of disqualification.
  • We are happy to take recommendations (with Resumes) for 2024 Adjudicators.
  • We are looking to asking for (paid) helpers from the College to assist with set-up and pack-up each weekend.  This has always been left to too few – or one (Garry).  Those linked with “Casey Comps” may wish to access this payment also, but it won’t count as a rostered position.
  • We will (slightly) extend the time for entries to include the following Monday and not close on a Friday.  This may allow those attending lessons on Saturdays to remind one another to get entries in.
  • Breast Cancer Network:   The collection tin raised $158.45.  As in the recent past, Committee agreed to continue adding $2,000.00 to this amount.  $2,158.45 will be forwarded to the BCN.

Our AGM will be held in late February/early March where more specific planning for our 2024 40th. Birthday Event will be discussed.  New Committee members are always welcome, but we need you to attend meetings and take a role/responsibility at the event.  Please don’t join just so you get information first.  We need your expertise.