Stardom Errors!!!

We apologise for the errors being experienced by some who have entered so far.  These are being rectified as we discover them.  The problems have arisen due to the staff at ‘Stardom’ not taking note of our communications in the transition from 2018 to 2019 and accommodating our changes.  Stemming from the errors discovered so far, please note the following:

  • Do not pay for Season Passes!!!    Theatre Admission in 2019 is FREE!  This should not have remained as an option in ‘Stardom’.
  • There is no closing date.   We will close entries when all 80 hours have been allocated, or when we need to start organising the program.  Whichever comes first.
  • Payment is a condition of entry.   Unpaid entries will be deleted.
  • Errors in Sections 004 and 004A.  Note that Section 004 is for Under 6 Jazz/Musical Comedy and 004A is for Under 6 Neo-Classical/Contemporary/Lyrical.  We understand that the early confusion overlapping styles in these sections has been fixed.
  • Errors in Sections 088, 089 and 090.  Explanation notes for Section 088 (Theatrical Championship) have been updated to rectify ‘Stardom’s’ copying error.  Sections 089-N and 089-O are our new Hip-Hop Any Age Sections.  Section 090 is the Entertainment Item.  Early this week there was confusion between these section numbers but we now understand the error has been fixed.
  • Read the “2019 Entry Information” document downloadable from the right hand side of this Home Page before going to ‘Stardom’ to enter.   This document has the correct information.
  • Please advise us readily if you discover any other inconsistencies between our Entry Information and ‘Stardom’.

2019 Entries – closing extended to 27th. May!

  • Entries will be closing on Monday, 27th. May. so we can begin compiling the program.  No late entries will be accepted and there is no ‘Late Code’ for our comp on ‘Stardom’.  PAYMENT MUST BE MADE AT THE TIME OF ENTRY OR THE ENTRY WILL BE DELETED.
  • Please read the 2019 Entry Information document on the link at the top right before going to ‘Stardom’ to enter.  Remember, we’ll be in the list as “Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance, Inc.”  (Not Casey Comps)
  • Competitor Entry Fees Increase – but it’s a good thing!.  The Committee has made a decision to increase competitor entry fees fairly significantly for 2019 to not only cover the previously-advised copyright increases, but also to allow for free entry for patrons into the theatre.  From the Committee’s point of view, this will relieve us of the need to fill a volunteer position at the desk and also remove the need to create, collate and distribute Competitor and Teacher Passes!  Note, however, that the theatre door will still be monitored and entry/exit will only be allowed between competitors/sections.
  • Programs ($10.00) and “Casey Comps” Pens ($2.50) will be available at the check-in desk (Note:  no EFTPOS!).
  • Dates for 2019 will be October 12/13, 19/20, 26/27 and November 2/3.
  • Adjudicators   Lydia Cagney Morris (12/13 and 26/27 October), Jason Teasdale (19/20 October and 2/3 November) and Freya List (Scholarship).  Adjudicator biographies can be found on the “About Us & Our Comps” tab.  Hit the tab, then scroll down.
  • There will be no Saturday morning sessions in 2019.   Competition on Saturdays will commence with the afternoon session at 1.30 pm. Hence, the available time once entries open will be reduced.
  • Additional Section for our Under 6 ‘Babies’    Our previous Section 004 for Under 6 Competitors has been divided into Section 004 – Jazz/Musical Comedy and Section 004A – Neo-Classical/Contemporary/Lyrical.
  • Hip-Hop Dancers!!   An Any Age Hip-Hop Section (Novice or Open) has been added to the Schedule.  Sections 089-N and 089-O, reserving the right to combine Novice/Open if insufficient entries are received.
  • Competition Rules:  These can be found within the ‘2019 Entry Information’ document above right, or separately under the “About Us & Our Comps” tab.
  • Championship Competitor helpers – An adult (18+) representative from each entrant in Championship sections will be required to fill a position on our helpers roster for one session prior to the Championship section taking place and failure to assist us in this way may lead to forfeit of the Championship entry. (Only one rostered duty, no matter how many Champs your child is in!)
  • Changing event to August in 2020??    We have been concerned about the level of absenteeism and lack of Troupe entries for our event in recent years and think this may be partly due to the event being conducted in October – too close to Concerts, School Exams and other end-year commitments.  We are investigating potential venues within the City of Casey in an effort to move earlier in the year.  If you have an opinion on this, please contact us – or get on the Committee.
  • Canteen   Expressions of interest are now invited from Dance School Parent Clubs who would like to manage our 2019 Canteen as a fund-raiser.  Contact Garry.

Championship and Presentation Pictures

With grateful thanks to Renee Tarzia of “Treasured Timelines” (0414 833 948), go to “Gallery” for photos of our Championship Winners and a selection of photos from our trophy presentation.

2018 Scholarship Winner:  Congratulations to Catharina Ballintyne from Ambitions Performance Dancers who won our $500.00 Scholarship section on the final night of our 2018 event.