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Casey Comps

Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance Inc.


AGM and we’re looking forward to a 2021 event…….

Our AGM/Organising for our 2021 event!!      Coming up on Tuesday, 2nd. March (2021).  New Committee or interested persons are always welcome and further details can be gained by contacting Garry Martin (President) on 0433 933 679 or Sheila Daniells (Secretary) on 9705-0206.  Now that Covid restrictions have been eased (today on Friday, 26th. February) all are most welcome.  Much of what we decided for the 2020 event which didn’t happen will be applied for the 2021 event and details of these changes can be found below.  Adjudicators booked for last year have indicated a preparedness to be engaged for 2021, but are still to be confirmed.

2021 event planning…

The following arrangements (decided in 2020) will need to be confirmed by the Committee at our AGM early in March, 2021.

  • Dates for 2021    October 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30/31.  Age blocking as in previous years may be impacted upon by the holding of a Troupe Weekend (see below).  More details later.
  • Entries for 2021 Anticipated to open early in May, 2021.
  • Entry Fees for 2021  Regular Solos: $16.00.  Duos/Trios:  $7.50 per Competitor   Entertainment Item:  $11.00.  Championships:  $25.00   Troupes:  $40.00 per Troupe.   ‘Stardom’ Administration Fee:  $10.00
  • Registration Fee  Allowing free admission to the theatre was well received in 2019 and the Committee would like to continue with this.  Committee will be considering a troupe member and regular entry registration fee to assist in redressing the financial loss incurred in 2019 due to the free entry.
  • Troupes Weekend    We will be trialling a dedicated Troupes Weekend on October 9/10.  This will impact upon our age-blocking and timing for Championship qualifying, but this strategy seems to have become popular with other comps, enabling more efficient planning for dance schools.  We are prepared to give this a “go”.  Additional change space may be available at Cranbourne with access to the adjacent gym.
  • Troupe Age Groupings   To assist our participating dance schools, a decision has been made to align our troupe age groupings and styles with those offered by other local Phoenix and Southern competitions.  The Committee reserves the right to combine any sections or styles due to insufficient entries.
  • Dates Change to another time of year   We continue to investigate commencing one week earlier to avoid running into the Melbourne Cup Weekend..
  • Adjudicators  Those organised for 2020 have been asked about their availability for 2021.  Adjudicators will be confirmed closer to the event.

Plenary Meeting on 2019 Event- the highlights….

Operating Loss for 2019   Unfortunately, our event made a loss of approx. $6,700 in 2019.  We have a reasonable balance in our operating account, as well as some in Term Deposits (not much interest in the current environment!) and so the loss is not of immediate concern, but we cannot allow this to happen again.  The loss was mostly due to the decision to not charge admission and the increased entry fees did not do enough to balance out the lost income.  However, we feel the “free” admission was received positively by all and we’d like to continue that as it also had practical spin-offs for the Committee in not needing an additional volunteer at the entry table to take admission money and not having to organise, collate and issue Competitors’ Passes and Season Passes.  Consequently, there will need to be a (slight) increase again in solo entries, a larger increase in Championship entry (not increased for 2019) and an increased administration charge.  We will review this again after the 2021 event.

Time of Year for 2021 “Casey Comps”  Since the meeting reported here, we have been in touch with the Theatre Management at Cranbourne Community Theatre and the move “back” one weekend to avoid using the Cup Day “Long” weekend is not possible without pushing out another group providing performance opportunities for young people.  We did not feel comfortable doing so.  A suggestion to move our event back to May in 2021 was unable to be taken up in the light of other established comps already operating elsewhere at that time, some involving competitors who support us in October.

Donation to Breast Cancer Network Australia   We honoured our commitment to BCNA with a $2,000 Committee donation, plus $553.50 from the two collection tins, $35.00 proceeds from the silent auction of Sheila’s art work and a $50.00 donation on behalf of our penciller, Lanii Douglas.  The BCNA have already thankfully acknowledged receipt of our total donation.  Thanks everybody!!!

Section organisation, Definitions and Rules  It was agreed to continue with the same arrangement of sections and dance styles as in 2019.  We will also ensure clear descriptions for “Best All-Rounder” Awards, the “Entertainment” Section and add to our Rules for 2020 a statement to do with expectations of respectful behaviours from competitors and others in attendance.  The fee for registering an official protest is to increase to $50.00.




Entry Information

Note that this document is for information only and entries for 2021 are not yet open.  For 2021 the section styles and numbers will remain the same, but some descriptions, rules and fees will be changing.  Watch for an updated document and ‘Stardom’ entry arrangements following our AGM in March.

2021 Entry Information

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