Casey Comps

Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance Inc.

Casey Comps

Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance Inc.

2018 Running Sheet and Divided Sections

2018 Running Sheet – Click the Link

2018 Casey Comps Running Sheet

2018 Divided Sections – Click the Link     Please Note:  At “Casey Comps”, the Sections gaining 30+ entrants are divided based on age.  The younger competitors of the age group are in one “half” and the older competitors in the other “half”.  It is therefore not possible to transfer competitors from one “half” of a divided section to the other.  As far as possible the numbers in each part of a divided section are equal.  Please do not ask to change.

Casey Comps 2018 Divided Sections

Adjudicators for 2018 – Tania Attard-O’Dwyer (Weekends 1 & 3), Louise Chapman (Weekends 2 & 4) and Hilary Hazledine (Scholarship).                                                     Canteen for 2018   Thank-you to Cathy-Lea Performance Dancers who will be running our Canteen this year as a fundraiser to support their future trips and performances.

2018 Event Update

2018 Entry Information is still available on the tab at right, but should be considered as being for reference only.  Entries have closed.

Schools entering troupes will be asked to provide volunteers to assist on our roster to enable the comp to function.  We only have a small Committee and cannot cover all things ourselves.  Help on the theatre door is the main task to be volunteered.

Entry fees for all sections have remained the same as in 2017, but to avoid the slight financial loss of 2017 we are raising the door admission price to $7.00 Adult, $5.00 concession, with comparative changes to the Daily Passes and Season Passes.  We still think we’re one of the more inexpensive Comps around to attend.  Note:  EFTPOS is not available for entry to the theatre and purchase of programs.  CASH ONLY.

We have again ‘blocked’ age groups as in 2017.  The older age groups (12+) begin on the weekend of 13/14 October and continue on 20/21.  Younger (Under 12) age groups (mostly) commence 27/28 October and continue on 3/4 November.  Scholarship and Entertainment sections remain on the final night – 4th. November.

The organisation of DVDs and Digital Photography in 2017 caused us expense and a number of other issues.  We like to have this service available to our families and will endeavour to organise this again, but it is a commercial decision for the company providing this and we may not be able to sustain it in 2018.

Scholars Ballet – We have taken care to work around this special event for our Classical Competitors in the scheduling of qualifying sections for our Ballet Championship.  We hope this will lead to more dancers qualifying and a close-to-full section for the Championship.


Comp Pics!

Go to the “Gallery” link for some photos of all our Championship Winners and our Presentations.  Thanks again to Image In Motion/The Occasion Studios –   for all 2017 pics used on this website.


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