2024 Running Sheet   Click on the link.  Please check things carefully against your entry invoice.   You have until Friday, 26th. July to advise us if you have made an error in your entry and we’ll do our best to fix it.  This is not an opportunity for late or additional entries.  After this date the full program goes into production and further changes will not be made.  Contact Sheila (9705-0206 or dandenongeisteddfod@gmail.com) or Garry (0433 933 679 – outside business hours, or garry.mar1956@gmail.com) if you need something altered due to your inadvertent error.  Also below is the list of those in divided or ‘split’ sections.  Please be aware we cannot change a competitor from one ‘half’ to the other for the sake of convenience.  Thank-you to those who have kindly pointed out errors in RS previously sent.

2024 Casey Comps Running Sheet

DEOD 2024 Divided Sections

Adjudicators are now confirmed.  Luke Alleva will be with us on Weekends 1 (Troupes and Over 12 solos) and 3 (Under 12s), Jaz Flowers will adjudicate Weekends 2 (Over 12s) and Weekend 4 (Under 12s and Champs), and Dylan Dickson will be our special adjudicator for our Over 12 $500.00 Scholarship.  Their bios are available on this website under the “About Us and Our Comps” tab, for those interested.

40th. Event Special Features – Pics and an ‘Alumni’ Section:   If you or your children have ever been part of “Casey Comps”, or Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance, please consider sending us some photos (with names, etc.) we can use in feature pages within our program, or as a foyer display.  We are also proposing a section for those who may have performed with us previously and would like to get back up on stage again to perform, even if it’s not dancing.  Maybe a straight song?  Not sure of the prize as yet.  Let us (Sheila or Garry) know directly regarding this special section as we will not put it into the ‘Stardom’ schedule with other sections.  Past winners/competitors may also wish to help by presenting some of our perpetuals.  Please consider this favourably and get back to us.

Contact Garry on 0433 933 679 if you wish to express an interest in helping.  The Committee has allowed for a payment to those assisting with set-up and pack up each weekend.  Contact Garry if you wish to take advantage of this outside of our regular volunteers roster.