2020 event planning…

Our AGM and initial planning for 2020 was held on 25th. February.  Decisions made at our November, 2019 plenary meeting were endorsed, but additionally we decided upon the following……

  • Dates for 2020    October 10/11, 17/18, 24/25, 31 and November 1.  Age blocking as in previous years may be impacted upon by the holding of a Troupe Weekend (see below).  More details later.
  • Entries for 2020 will open at 9.00 am. on Friday, 1st. May and will close at 5.00 pm. on Friday, 22nd. May – or earlier if all 96 hours of competition has been allocated.  Entries will only be allowed through ‘Stardom’ and NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!
  • Entry Fees for 2020  Regular Solos: $16.00.  Duos/Trios:  $7.50 per Competitor   Entertainment Item:  $11.00.  Championships:  $25.00   Troupes:  $35.00 per Troupe.   ‘Stardom’ Administration Fee:  $10.00
  • Troupes Weekend    We are approaching participating schools (and others) to register interest in having a dedicated Troupes Weekend on October 10/11.  This will impact upon our age-blocking and timing for Championship qualifying, but this strategy seems to have become popular with other comps, enabling more efficient planning for dance schools.  We are prepared to give this a “go”.  Additional change space may be available at Cranbourne with access to the adjacent gym.
  • Dates Change to another time of year   This was not able to be facilitated with a congested schedule of regular bookings at Cranbourne Community Theatre, which is still our preferred venue.
  • Adjudicators  Following up some names and to be advised.  Hopefully Adjudicators will be known by the time entries are open.