Thanks to all who contributed in any way to what we consider to be another successful year.  Particularly noteworthy (and popular!) was the decision to slightly increase competitor entry fees and not charge door admission.  A happy by-product of this was the many who chose to make a donation to the Breast Cancer Network collection tin after hearing the good news that they didn’t have to pay to enter the theatre.  Once the collection taken up in our two tins is totalled and added to the $2,000.00 commitment made to BCN by the Committee, we’ll publish here the total amount donated for 2019.

All section results and special award presentations can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  Watch here for news of our dates for 2020 following a review of the survey being held at the venue.  Watch out also for photos of Championship and Scholarship Winners and our Presentations.  Thanks to “On Stage Media” for their digital still photography and video files of all who competed in 2019.