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Casey Comps

Dandenong Eisteddfod of Dance Inc.

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Program and Committee Meetings coming up

Now that entries have closed, the Program Sub-Committee will be meeting on August 2nd. to complete the preliminary program to be finalised at a meeting of the full Committee on August 10th.  The Running Sheet and news of any Divided Sections will be available soon after.  Approx. two weeks following the meeting on 10th. we’ll commence sending out the pre-paid programs.

Sorry, Entries are now Closed!

All (actually a little more) of our available time has now been allocated.  Cramming sections and going over time is unfair on everyone and the current Committee has no desire to again have competition on all Friday evenings.  The only way additional time can be offered in 2016 is if more people come onto the Committee and take up places on the operating roster.  Please do not contact us and ask for special consideration to be included.

News from the December 1st, 2014 Plenary Meeting

  • Cancelled/Revised Sections Some sections were not well supported and need to be revised or cancelled to enable us to accommodate the increased entries for other sections and expansion of Lyrical sections.
    Cancelled: Improvisations, Own Choreographies.
    Revised:   Song & Soft Shoe, Song & Tap Solos are now Under 10, 10 and Under 14, 14 and Over (Novice or Open).
    National Solos are now to be Under 12 and Over 12 (Novice or Open).
    National Troupes are now to be Under 12 and Over 12.
  • Lyrical Sections The popularity of the single section in 2014 necessitates expansion of this style into our regular program. Teachers/Competitors are advised that the Committee considers this style to be Jazz based. Adjudicators perceiving this style being presented as a ‘Neo’ or a ‘Contemporary’ will be supported in judging the competitor accordingly.
    Lyrical Solos: 10 and Under 12 Years, 12 and Under 14 Years, 14 and Under 16 Years, 16 Years and Over (Novice or Open)
    Lyrical Troupes: Under 12 Years and Open
  • Friday Nights Not favoured, but necessary in 2014 as Stardom/GENI allowed entry time to go over. If roster or additional volunteers can be organised, this may be all right, e.g. if doing a job on Friday night, should not be rostered on for Saturday mornings.
  • Volunteers  Larger schools should be asked to provide helpers. One person per session needed, or half session if more available. Schools with 6 or more soloists. 3+ troupes? 24 people required if Friday nights are not used. Some tasks reserved for Committee. To be assessed after entries completed and schools with largest amount to be approached. On website and Stardom/GENI that each larger school to provide a helper. Roster to be organised.
  • ‘Family’ Change Room Following up on issue raised by a Parent. Girls change room off Green Room to be allocated for this purpose in the first two weekends when younger students are performing. To be labelled ‘by request only’ – see people at desk.
  • Championship Qualifying – A reminder that Competitors must enter, present and perform in Open Solo Sections to qualify in their own age group.
  • ‘Most Outstanding’ Awards will be given to performers 12 years and Over.
  • Checking In   Must be completed (including submission of Music) prior to the commencement of the section in which they are competing. This includes submission of the competitors’ music. Rules statement in this regard has been revised.
  • Notification of Major Events (GP Run) This event impacts upon travel and parking to our event. Saturday, 17th. October, 2015. To be mentioned on the website and the program. Those travelling to “Casey Comps” through Cranbourne must allow additional time or use an alternative route. GP Run cannot be used as an excuse for late check-in.
  • Program Pick-Up from the Venue to be removed as an option from Stardom/GENI. This is an administrative burden for the Committee and not all (paid) Programs were collected in 2014.
  • Stardom Admin Fees   These have changed, with a recommendation from Stardom/GENI to pass increases directly onto competitors. Now a low “base” fee and additional for each section entered. As we’d increased fees in 2014, Committee decided to absorb the new structure of fees.
  • Adjudicators Sue Lowery (Weekends 1 & 3) andLouise Bell (Weekends 2 & 4).
  • Classical/Theatrical Aggregates   For the purposes of our Aggregates – “Classical” to include: Classical, Neo/Contemp, Character, National.   “Theatrical” to include: Lyrical Jazz, Song & Soft Shoe/Tap, Jazz, Tap.
  • Annual General Meeting to be held 26 March, 2015. Entries due to open as soon as Garry can get revised entry information to Stardom/GENI, but closing on July 17th., 2015.
  • Time Limit on Entries Stardom/GENI to be configured to switch off when available time for competition is reached. All advised to enter readily when entries open and not wait until the last day (as occurred in 2014).


2015 Entry Information


Entries are now closed as our allocated time has been taken up!

2015 Entry Information       (Hard Copy now for reference only, includes Rules)



2015 Running Sheet and Divided Sections

2015 Running Sheet and Divided Sections – watch this space around August, 2015

Note also that it is not possible to change from one Divided Section to another! Don’t ask!!!

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